How to Clean Your Gutters

Is Gutter Cleaning a Necessary Cost for Homeowners?


Fall brings us a beautiful array of colors to the Connecticut landscape. However, with the gorgeous fall foliage, comes leaves and lots of them! Leaves fall everywhere, on the lawn, driveway, walkways, roofs and of course, gutters! It all looks so beautiful, and serene, until it starts to rain. Only then, will you notice your overflowing gutters, packed with stinky rotting leaves.


What should you do in this situation? The answer to your clogged gutter problem is simple!


Clean them!


Can you do it yourself? The answer is YES! Follow the steps listed below:

  1. Be physically able to climb a high ladder. Also, be sure you have no excessive fear of heights, and the ability to safely use an extension ladder tall enough to reach your highest gutters.

  3. Since gutter cleaning is on the riskier side of all household chores, please consider having the following documents:
    • Life insurance (term, whole life and hybrids should be considered)
    • Long term care insurance
    • Last will and testament

    *Research shows, every year about 100,000 people in U.S have ladder related injuries, and need to be rushed to the hospital.


  5. Buy the proper equipment to clean your own gutters. Below is a list of equipment needed and the approximate cost.

    Rubber gloves


    5 gallon bucket for wet leaves and gutter compost


    24 foot extension ladder


    32 foot extension ladder (you really should not work on heights over 2 stories)


    Ladder stabilizer – this is a safety device, use it         




    Leaf rake


    Cordless Back pack leaf blower

    Between $200-$500 (Avg. $400)

    Total Cost:

    Your total cost will depend on which items you have on hand beforehand.


  7. Set aside time: You need to reserve a good portion of the day to properly organize the project and safely complete the gutter cleaning.

  9. Gutter cleaning procedure:


    1. Start by setting up your ladder to reach and clean the highest gutters first, then the lower ones, work from top to bottom.

    2. If the roof is low pitched, you may be able to walk on it, and use a broom or an uncorded leaf blower to remove all the leaves and debris off the roof.

    3. If the roof is steep, there will not be much debris on it, but any debris in the valleys should be removed with a rake or a broom.

    4. When leaves are dry, you can blow out the leaves out of the gutters. When the leaves are wet, you must remove them by hand, otherwise you will make a big mess on the windows and siding.

      Make sure the downspout pipes are clear. You can drop a small pebble into the downspout, or you can use the blower to insure it is clog free.

    5. Make any adjustments to the gutter system, clean and reseal any gutter seams suspected of leaking and install gutter strainers, they will ensure better drainage out of your gutters, and in between cleanings. (Purchase Gutter Strainers here:

    6. Keep in mind that houses with steep roofs, will require you to reset the ladder every 5 to 6 feet to access the gutters, and don’t forget about landscape plantings that may be in the way. Pace yourself, because there will also be on the ground clean up when your gutter cleaning is finished.

If you need help, please call a professional, such as Gutter Guys!


Professionals are quick, safe, and worth the expense! They are insured and can spot problem areas, you may not notice.

*In Connecticut, a typical gutter cleaning on a house approximately 1,500-3,000 sqft will cost you about $100-$300. Always ask about the price, before you approve the job!

The easiest and least expensive way to clean your gutters, is to call Gutter Guys!


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