Gutter Guys Employment Opportunities

Gutter Guys® gutter technicians are people with experience in all aspects of the gutter business with various backgrounds in home building and construction. We also provide extensive training to ensure each employee reflects our values of high quality services and customer service.

Do you think you have what it takes to BE a Gutter Guy?? We are now looking for a few qualified Gutter Technicians to join our service team.

As a prospective Gutter Technician, you will need the following (at a minimum):

  1. Valid U.S. drivers license
  2. Ability to legally work in the U.S.
  3. Valid Social Security Card/Green Card
  4. Work vehicle (truck or van) w/ mounted ladder racks
  5. Valid vehicle insurance
  6. Ability to communicate to customers in English
  7. Ability to work on ladders and roofs
  8. Familiarity w/General Construction or Roofing a plus…
  9. Appropriate tools

Please note that the nature of this work is seasonal and consistency of available work is subject to many factors including the weather. Our busiest months are typically: May through July, September through December, however some gutter technicians successfully work all year round.

If you are interested, please call our office today for more information and an application….