Spring Gutter Strainers (R)

Gutter Guys® affiliate Spring Gutter Strainer® is the preferred clog protection for gutter downspouts by Gutter Guys® technicians, Gutter Guys® customers, and many other professional gutter services, and home owners outside the Gutter Guys® service area.


This product was invented and developed by Gutter Guys, LLC.


Today after about a decade of distribution Spring Gutter Strainers® are quickly gaining the reputation of the best and most solid gutter downspout protection that allows for better gutter and downspout drainage between gutter cleanings.


2 Ways to Get Spring Gutter Strainers®:


  1. Gutter Guys® customers can simply fill out an online form to request the strainers be installed during next service, or just call us.

  2. Outside Gutter Guys® service area, homeowners and contractors can buy their Spring Gutter Strainers® at www.gutterstrainer.com, a site completely dedicated to the promotion and sale of the Spring Gutter Strainers®.


         Spring Gutter Strainer™Spring Gutter Strainer with R         MADE IN USA       

Bulbous part of the strainer is taller and wider than any of our competitors' gutter strainer products, which in field tests and years of experience proved that the Spring Gutter Strainer® helps keep gutters draining longer between gutter cleanings.

  • Simple drop-in installation
  • Revolutionary strainer design
  • Available in galvanized & stainless steel wire
    • Galvanized are long lasting, but have NO warranty because they will eventually rust
      • Compatible with aluminum & galvanized metals
    • Stainless steel are warranted for Lifetime
      • Compatible with all metals including copper
  • Available in two sizes
    • 2-inch strainers fit all 5"-K Style and 5"-1/2 Round Style gutters
    • 3-inch strainers fit all 6"-K Style and 6"-1/2 Round Style gutters


The Spring Gutter Strainer® has an innovative spring coil design and made from only one piece of wire, allowing no room for failure of any parts. The wire is almost twice as thick as any other wire strainers on the market today and the long flexible neck design ensures the product stays in the downspout even if a leaf blower is used to clean the gutters. The head of the Spring Gutter Strainer® is also taller and wider than the competition, proven to keep gutters draining longer between gutter cleanings.


Simply the best inexpensive gutter

downspout protection!

The following "Buy Now" link will take you to our affiliate site where you will be able to buy Spring Gutter Strainers® for installation by yourself.