Quick 4 Step Tour

Step 1 – Cleaning & Free Evaluation:

Start with a gutter cleaning and our Signature FREE EVALUATION. During this service the technician will check the gutter system for any replacement, repairs or improvements needed.  Depending on the complexity of the suggested work, either a verbal consultation or a comprehensive estimate will be provided to you so that you can make an informed decision.


Step 2 – Repairs, corrections or replacement if necessary:

Our technicians always provide evaluations and estimates with customer’s value and convenience in mind. With your verbal approval, minor repairs can usually be done right along with the cleaning. More complex repairs, improvements or replacement of the gutter system usually require a formal estimate, approval and deposit.


Step 3 – Ongoing Maintenance Agreement:

After the initial service, usually together with the invoice, we mail you a proposal for the Ongoing Maintenance Agreement. This proposal outlines the service, terms, and price as well as suggests how often you should have Gutter Guys® clean your gutters.

Sign up for this flexible, free & convenient program and let us worry about future maintenance!


Step 4 – Contact us today!:

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