Gutter Guards

A custom solution based on your home and surroundings

Gutter Guys has been in business for over  30 years and has completed over 130,000 Gutter repairs and installations. We have installed or removed almost every type of gutter protection system that exists.

Instead of someone selling you their system, let us find the right product for your house based on your existing system and gutter protection needs.

With our buying power and professional influence, we can often get you deals not available to anyone else.

Gutter Guys CT installing gutter guard - summer
A Gutter Guys team member installs a gutter protection system on a house.

Let us help you choose the system that works best for your home

This information is designed to help you understand your options when discussing your plans with one of our gutter professionals.  

Gutter Cleaning vs. Gutter Guards

Open Seamless Gutters

Seamless Gutters with Gutter Guards

Area Best Suited For

Few overhanging trees in the area Protected from high winds

Mature trees around the house Exposure to high winds

Maintenance Required

2-5 cleanings per year

One cleaning/maintenance check per year


Less expensive upfront

Lower costs in the long run


20 year warranty on parts and materials with proper maintenance

Lifetime warranty on parts and materials with proper maintenance

From the street, Gutter Guards that Gutter Guys works with are virtually invisible. They are very low profile, and they do not change the appearance of your gutter line or house. Gutter Guys’s Gutter Guards can reduce the need for frequent cleaning to just one cleaning and inspection per year. Since it is preventive rather than reactive, it can be done during “low demand” times of the year, which additionally allows Gutter Guys to keep your costs down.

Having been a part of the community for over 30 years, you know that Gutter Guys will always be there when you need them.

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