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Gutters perform the very important function of draining hundreds of gallons of water off your roof and away from your house. This helps prevent water from getting inside your house as well as helping prevent foundation damage. Since gutters catch rain right off the roof, they also prevent soil erosion and wear to your home’s fascia board, shingles, siding, windows, etc., helping extend their life and your investment!
The bottom line is that well-maintained, properly functioning gutters directly protect the overall health of your home, inside and out.

Interesting Fact:
One Inch of rain on a 1,000-square-foot roof will yield about 600 gallons of water. With that information, you can quickly calculate that if you have a relatively small house with a 1,500 square foot roof, a one-inch rainfall will yield nearly 1,000 gallons. If Connecticut gets about 50 inches of rain annually, that house with a 1,500 square-foot roof must shed about 50,000 gallons of water into the gutter system and away from the house and its foundation per year. (In this description, we did some rounding to simplify the thought process; the actual formula is as follows: 1,000 square feet x 1 inch of water = 623 gallons).

Gutter Guys Gutter Cleaning and Inspection consists of the following:

  • Cleaning all debris from gutters, downspouts, and roof areas
  • Making sure the downspouts are clog-free
  • Cleaning up all gutter-related debris off the ground
  • Inspecting your gutter system to record the condition of your gutters and identify any problem areas, suggesting corrective action if necessary.

Gutters should be cleaned as often as is needed to keep them draining any time it rains. Typically, most Gutter Guys customers have their gutters cleaned four or five times yearly, though less or more frequent cleaning may be adequate for some houses. This depends on the property, the gutter system, and the landscaping, which includes trees with blossoms, pollen strings, leaves, pine needles, seeds, acorns, sticks, and other debris, tree height, and their proximity to home.

Below is our recommended annual gutter cleaning schedule. Please keep in mind that your home may need more frequent service and that modifications to timing are made each year due to varying weather each year.

    1. Early spring (March-April): Your gutter system is inspected for any damage that may have occurred over the winter. Our cleaning removes any accumulated winter debris and prepares the gutters for spring rains.
    2. Late spring (May-June): The gutter system is inspected for any storm damage and the gutter cleaning removes debris and pollen strings from the roof and gutters. It includes tender tree foliage blown off the trees along with blossoms and pollen strings that clog your gutters providing a perfect breeding ground for mosquito larva.
    3. Summer (August-September): Even though most leaves are firmly attached to the trees, some still come down and end up in the gutters. Thunderstorms, strong winds, and drought can damage your gutters, so our technicians ensure your gutters are working properly and remove accumulations of leaves, sticks and debris.
    4. Early fall (Mid October-Mid November): At this time of year, leaves quickly accumulate in your gutters. Their sheer volume requires the gutters to be cleaned. Heavy autumn rains contribute to foliage accumulations in gutters. Gutter system damage from so much debris is very common, so an inspection is critical going into the end of the year.
    5. Late fall/winter (Mid November-December): This gutter cleaning occurs when most leaves are off the trees. It is a balancing act of waiting for most leaves to be off the trees but not waiting too long so that all gutters freeze with the leaves in them. Your gutter system receives a final inspection and cleaning, getting it ready for winter.

Clogged gutters do not allow water to drain and move away from your home properly. In the short term, this can cause flooding in your basement and pools of standing water in the gutters that provide a breeding ground for mosquito larvae and a foul smell. You may not even realize there’s a problem until we get heavy rain or a serious storm! In the long term, overflowing gutters can cause structural damage to your home’s woodwork, walls, shingles, and foundation.

That’s why we offer our customized Ongoing Gutter Maintenance Plan. We evaluate your home and property to recommend the best gutter cleaning solution and inspection for you, and then you can relax…we’ll keep track of the agreed-upon schedule and contact you before we come out.

Gutter Guys is a full-service gutter company. We specialize in professional gutter system design and customized installations, including 5” & 6” K Style seamless and 5” & 6½” Round Style aluminum, copper, and zinc gutters. We take pride in using only high-quality materials, including premium .32-gauge aluminum and steel hex screws, because we know they will result in a better-looking and longer-lasting job. We also believe it is important to be ecologically responsible, so the longer our installations last, the “greener” and eco-friendlier they are! Our gutter materials have a 20-year warranty, but we contend that our gutter systems can last 30 years or longer.

Absolutely!! Being a full-service gutter company means performing a full range of gutter repairs. Our technicians are trained to spot problem areas with your current gutter system that can easily be overlooked by any homeowner. Typically, the evaluation of your gutters is best done while the gutters are being cleaned. This way, we can see what hardware is in the gutter, how the gutter is attached to the fascia board or roof line, evaluate the downspout drainage, and check the condition of the roof’s edge. 

Below are some common problems diagnosed by our trained technicians:

  •  Normal wear and tear
  • Sagging gutters
  • Storm damage
  • Damaged downspouts
  • Standing water in gutters
  • Ice-dam damage

Yes, as long as the gutter technician believes the conditions are safe enough to do so. Sometimes, the rain benefits us and helps identify certain gutter system problems.

Yes, we work with every make and model of gutter guards. However, we recommend only a select few gutter guards and refer to them as Gutter Guys Gutter Guards. Those are guards that lend themselves to being easily maintained, along with gutters and roofs. Instead of 2-5 cleanings per year or more, with Gutter Guys Gutter Guards, you may only need one cleaning, inspection, and maintenance service during off-peak times of the year (late summer). That allows us to keep the price low while ensuring the functionality and reliability of the whole rain gutter system.

Yes, but not as advertised by aggressive dealers and not maintenance-free. Based on decades of experience, these gutter add-ons only work well “maintenance-free” on homes that don’t require gutter cleaning that often to begin with! Beware of statements like “maintenance-free” or “Lifetime Warranty,” and ask many questions.

At Gutter Guys, we bring decades of experience to the table. All gutters, even those with good-quality protection, need routine maintenance, cleaning, and inspections. The gutter equipment on your house is constantly exposed to harsh expansion and contraction and assault from ice, snow, and falling tree branches. Even gutters protected with professional quality gutter guards still need cleaning at least once per year as the leaves and debris that accumulate on the roof and top of the screens or guards don’t automatically wash off with rainwater or get wholly blown off by the wind. Routine maintenance and inspection ensure that your gutters stay functional and give you the added peace of mind of knowing that the roof and other components were inspected for damage and wear and tear that can only be observed from the ladder.

In life, there is nothing that is maintenance-free. Aside from the fact that all gutter systems should be inspected at least once yearly, the American Asphalt Shingle Manufacturers Association also strongly recommends that roofs be maintained at least once per year and after every significant storm. Gutter Guys selects guards that let the rain in without letting it flow over the guards, helmet, or stainless-steel cloth mesh. To accomplish this, the openings in the guard that Gutter Guys selects are typically more prominent, which inevitably leads to rainwater dragging minor debris into the gutter. This debris remains minor as long as it is routinely cleaned or blown out of the gutter during dry weather. During this process, the accumulations of the roofs and top of the guards are also removed, and an inspection is done.

Yes! The installation of gutter strainers in your downspout pipe openings will cost-effectively help your gutter system drain between routine gutter cleanings by reducing downspout blockages caused by leaves, sticks, and other debris…even stray baseballs! Strainers are especially important when your gutters and downspouts are connected to underground drains where, without them in place, debris will accumulate. The lack of gutter strainers will eventually create a serious and expensive to clear blockage, and unclogging of underground drains, also known as French drains or tiles, tends to require trade-specific experience and professional equipment. On occasion, clogged underground drains must be completely replaced. 

Our gutter technicians usually recommend the installation of strainers if you do not already have them, but to be sure please ask for them. Prices start at only $10 each and they are available in stainless or galvanized steel.

We can’t stress enough how much gutter strainers can save you time, money, and aggravation!!

Gutter Guys uses Spring Gutter Strainers® as their gutter strainers of choice because of their superior function and overall quality in design and durability. Spring gutter strainers were developed by the members of Gutter Guys and are manufactured locally in Connecticut. They are sold throughout the United States and internationally.

No. Some people would think they must be home for the service, whether it is gutter cleaning and inspection, repairs, or a complete gutter replacement. However, the truth is that most of our customers are usually not available while our services are performed. Regardless of whether you are home, the technicians always follow the same routine: knock on the door, leave a door tag at the door if no one answers, and then follow their procedures for the scheduled job and document their work with pictures and written notes. Upon completion of the job, your account manager will follow up with an invoice, and if anything needs your attention, he or she will follow up with a phone call, a written comment, or an estimate.

Prices generally start at $120 and can go up to $650 or even more on larger homes. The prices will vary based on the gutter linear footage, the number of stories, the steepness of the roof, and whether or not the gutters are equipped with gutter guards.

To get an accurate price for your house, it is best to call us or send in the contact form with your information. Our staff will then follow up to gather any additional information, and we will then provide you with a written estimate, usually within a day. Upon your approval, we will schedule the service.

Gutter Guys, LLC has been in business since 1989, servicing over 60,000 residential and commercial customers in Connecticut and Westchester County, NY. Just be on the lookout for our bright yellow signs & trucks!! It’s very likely that we already work for your neighbors! Our many satisfied customers include:

  • Thousands of private homes and estates
  • Houses of worship throughout Connecticut and the Westchester County area
  • Prominent real estate developers and property management companies
  • Numerous large and small condominium and apartment complexes
  • State and municipal government buildings.

Gutter Guys office staff and technicians have experience in all aspects of the gutter business. They have various backgrounds in home building and construction, but now they specialize in gutter work. We ensure that each employee reflects our values of high-quality services and customer service.

Yes. We guarantee that the gutters are free of debris and clogs after the gutter cleaning and inspection service is performed.


With over 30 years of honest business, you can rely on Gutter Guys to be there when the need arises.

Gutter Guys’ Gutter Guards™ LIFETIME WARRANTY:



Gutter Guys’ gutter materials have a 20-year warranty, and the labor is unconditionally guaranteed for one year. We firmly stand behind our work. If anything goes wrong, we will be there to resolve the problem. The warranty term commences from the job completion date, extenuating weather, or unforeseen physical damage notwithstanding. The ongoing proper function of your gutter system relies on regular cleaning, inspection, and maintenance.

With Yearly Maintenance and Inspection, new Gutter Guys’ Gutters and Gutter Guards™ will last 20+ years. Neglecting to perform the Yearly Maintenance and inspection may, at Gutter Guys’ option, void the Gutter Guys’ LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Absolutely! For your protection, Gutter Guys and their associates are appropriately insured for the State of Connecticut and Westchester County, New York. Gutter Guys’ CT Dept of Consumer Protection Home Improvement Contractors registration number is listed at the bottom of this page. Click on the registration number to see our registration verification.

For verification in Westchester County, NY, click on the Westchester County Department of Consumer Protection license number at the bottom of this page and enter Gutter Guys as the Company Name to confirm our license.

We are also proud to be an Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau since 1997 with an A+ rating.

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